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The Brevard County Property Appraiser Real Estate Appraiser is responsible for the proper appraisal, valuation, and valuation of all real estate, personal and immovable, in County Brevard for tax purposes. County government revenues are assessed and collected by this department, which plays a crucial role in ensuring fairness. The Brevard County Property Appraiser FloridaDivision’s sole purpose is to serve as the county’s official impartial agent in the enforcement of county and state sales and use taxes.


The specialist’s task is not only to determine the values ​​of the properties but also to identify the tax classes and assign them to each BCPAO Property Search. Providing a consistent, fair, and balanced assessment is the sole responsibility of this office in the state and local tax filing application process.

Brevard County Property Appraiser is considered a prime area with many different real estate investors and others from across the country looking to buy real estate in this area. The information available to this office is very valuable. The Brevard County Property Appraiser is one of many “utility” type places that have grown into prominence in everyday life.

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In order to understand what a Brevard Property Appraiser County real estate appraiser does and does not do, it is necessary to know a few things about them. A property appraiser in Property Appraiser Brevard County FL is an individual appointed by a district judge. The appraisal is an impartial examination of the market value of the BCPAO Property Search ordered by a court.

How to search for a property with Brevard Property Appraiser?

To view the Brevard County Property Appraiser Search website, click on the official Brevard website at For more information on Brevard Property Appraiser, visit their website

Using this site, you will have the opportunity to check the value of your property as well as find out about other properties available on this website.

Visit The Brevard County Property Appraiser Search Page

If you click or hover over this category, a drop-down menu will appear. Select BCPAO Property Search. Choose from a variety of options.

Fill In The Data In The Form

Below then you will see a form that you need to complete on the next page. When searching, enter the following information: the name of the owner, the address of the location, the account number, the subdivision block or the package ID number. Click Brevard County Property Appraiser Search after entering the required information.


Decide What To Do With The Results

What you do with the Brevard County Property Appraiser Search results depends on how you choose to use them.

You’ll get a Brevard County Property Appraiser Search result containing a wealth of information, including the owner’s name, package number, and item number, as well as the value. Information can be shared, printed or downloaded.

Contact your nearest Brevard County Property Appraiser real estate appraiser for more details about your property or call the office, which would be a good idea; However, you can also browse the company website first. Here I give you instructions on how to determine the value of your property on our website.

Features And Benefits Of The Website

First, hiring a Property Appraiser Brevard County FL real estate appraiser will likely save you money. If you want a quick assessment, your local attorney may not be able to get you the information you need quickly enough. On the other hand, if you choose to hire a Brevard County Property Appraiser real estate appraiser, you either want to make sure your attorney has the information they need to increase your bid or may recommend that you accept an offer that is lower than yours. for you. considered.

Also, most appraisers offer free estimates so you don’t have to worry about the cost. These estimates can save you thousands of dollars. Another of the many qualities and benefits of being a Brevard Property Appraiser County real estate appraiser is knowing the current trends in your area.

It’s hard to say whether your home’s value will go up or down due to local conditions, trends, or otherwise. However, an appraiser can tell you if your home will be appraised online in the near future. In some cases, they can also indicate problem areas, which means you can plan improvements to these areas and make your home more valuable in the future.

Things To Know About Brevard Appraiser

Brevard County is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the United States, so it is important to hire a real estate agent who has experience in selling homes in the area. You can find homes that are selling at deep discounts and offer them at a fair price.

A Brevard County real estate appraiser offers many benefits that should convince you to hire them. Some people do this because they believe they are worth more than the current value of the property. They discover they are wrong and manage to sell their house for more than it’s worth. The next time you are considering buying a house, and you find out that the home is currently undervalued, you should hire an appraiser to find out its true value. You can then hire a real estate agent to sell your home at that price.


It is important to remember that you do not have to pay someone to do it for you when checking the value of your property since you do not have to do it yourself. The evaluation process is free and simple. You can take care of all the work in advance and the agent will take care of the sale. They even give you a pretty decent down payment and help you find a potential buyer.

Duties OF The Brevard Property Appraiser

The duties of a real estate in Brevard County Property Appraiser are:

You need to assess the value of the house and its surroundings. You also need to know the value of home improvements. If a seller makes improvements that increase the value of the home, they should also be included in the appraisals. The assessment must conform to standard guidelines for properties of similar size and condition in the area. When a home is sold in an older neighborhood, there is a requirement by the National Association of Realtors that the appraised value of the property is in keeping with the standards set by this association.

If a home is in an area that does not have a sufficient number of homes for sale, a Brevard County Property Appraiser Search real estate appraiser will review available homes. If the appraisal shows that there are many properties available, the property is likely to be sold at a fair price. However, if the supply is low, the homeowner may have to spend a lot of time looking for homes to buy. Also, the seller must invest a lot of money to put certain properties up for sale. When buying a property in this area, there are a lot of other things to think about.

Because Brevard County Property Appraiser real estate is a legal market, county advisors can charge homeowners for any renovations they carry out. These are called fees and are usually valued at the same amount paid for the home itself. Appraisers also want to see photos of the home before taking it to the office and adding any improvements they find. Most counties do not allow appraisers to take pictures of the home unless they have a contract with the homeowners.

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About Brevard County

Located in east-central Florida, Brevard County is the 10th largest county in Florida, with a 2020 population of 606,392. The official county seat has been in Titusville since 1894. Brevard County includes the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Brevard County FL Property Appraiser metropolitan area. Florida is on the east coast of this county, and the Atlantic Ocean is on the western side.


With an economy heavily influenced by the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County is also known as the Space Coast. As such, it was referred to by telephone area code 321, as in “3, 2, 1 answer”. Brevard County is named for the first settler and state controller in Florida, Theodore Washington Brevard.

Viera, Florida, was the site of the county’s second administrative center, a planned community in an unincorporated area in a planned community. Several county offices were created to serve Long County’s southern parts, which are more populous.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does the Brevard County Property Appraiser Search have?

The Brevard County Property Appraiser Real Estate Appraiser has 25 employees.

How much does a real estate appraiser make in County Brevard?

The Brevard County Property Appraiser real estate appraiser generates $5.1 million in revenue.

What type of entity is the Brevard County Property Appraiser?

The Brevard County Property Appraiser is a privately held company.

Where is the Brevard County Home Appraiser Headquarters?

Brevard County Real Estate Appraiser is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida.

Who is the Brevard County Real Estate Appraiser?

As a member of the Brevard County Property Appraiser Board of Property Inspectors, Dana Blickley was elected in November 2012 to serve for a four-year term.


Would you please tell me how to find out who owns a property in the County of Brevard?

Property records can be searched by owner’s name, legal description, tax account number, and property address by clicking the BCPAO Property Search button on the left side of the Property Appraiser website. Once the property is found, the information included will include Lot ID.

Locations And Phones

For all inquiries regarding this entity, please contact the following: Phone: 321-666-700, Fax: 321-666-6954, Email: appraiser, Mail: Brevard County PA, P.O. PO Box 429 Titusville FL 32781-0429

Merritt Island – For more information, please contact the Brevard County Public Appraiser, at the following numbers or by email: appraiser, Brevard County Appraiser Services Complex, Merritt Island 2575 N Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, FL 32953

The estimated value of this property is $725,000. The appraiser for BrevardPropertyAppraiser is located at the government center located at 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Viera, Florida 32940.

We are located at the Brevard County Appraiser South Services Complex 1515 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida 32935. You can reach us by calling (321) 255-4440, faxing (321) 255-4439, or emailing appraiser

The County of Brevard government complex is located at North400 South Street Titusville, Florida 32780, 5th floor, contact number: (321) 264-6700, fax: (321) 264-6954, email: [email protected].

Palm Bay – Phone: (321) 952-4574, Fax: (321) 952-4573, Email: [email protected] Location: Palm Bay Brevard County Appraiser Services Complex 450 Cogan Drive, SE Palm Bay, Florida 32909


There are many people buying houses in Brevard County FL Property Appraiser to live in. It has become increasingly popular to live here due to the good weather, beautiful scenery and many people looking to buy houses. If you want to live in this part of Brevard County FL Property Appraiser, check out Brevard County Property Appraiser Services. to determine the value of your home.

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