All physical and real estate assets are valued annually by a Florida real estate appraiser for valuation purposes. In accordance with Florida law, one of the BCPA’s Brevard County Inspectors surveyed all land on the lots.


It is held once every five years. Other inspections are carried out remotely using street photography, aerial photography and other external surveys, and some are carried out on site.

The inspection category depends on the quality of images available. Also with property accessibility, property complexity, number of trees and other factors. Brevard County Property Appraiser aims to be unpretentious. At the same time, comply with the law by creating a fair and accurate record of assessments.

Individual property values ​​may adjust between scheduled appraisals due to sales activity. Or other variables that could affect property values ​​in the person’s neighborhood. Sales of similar objects are a reliable indicator of the real estate market in the region.


Our goal is to provide quality and professional customer service, as well as to complete these tasks at an affordable cost to taxpayers. Brevard County Real Estate Appraiser is located in Brevard County, Florida. North Courtenay Parkway and the civic number is 2575. To contact the venue or inquire about anything, the number is (321) 454-6620. Visit their website for more information. The coordinates you can use in navigation apps to quickly locate your Brevard County real estate appraiser are 28.4035015, -80.7063667.

The Brevard County Real Estate Appraiser is one of many “utility” type places that have grown into prominence in everyday life. Guests rated this place a 4.4. This property is serviced at its official address: USA, Palm Bay, FL 32909, 450 Cogan Dr. SW.